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By Russell Williams

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Who Am I When I Am Big?

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Who Am I When I Am Big?

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“Whatever there is of God in the universe,
it must work itself out and express itself through us.”
Albert Einstein

I am a recovering work-a-holic!

I spent 22 years in Big 4 public accounting and in my last role, which was very high exposure, I hired an executive coach to help me feel like a leader among the leaders of the Firm and to help me be better at influencing.  What my coach actually helped me discover was that the best part of my job was all about coaching, motivating, developing, challenging and inspiring people.  So after gaining the courage to take that ‘partner’ hat off my head, I ventured out on my own as an executive coach.

These were exciting times, although pretty scary. I felt like I was going through identity theft, having hung up my safe, secure Partner job title.  I was just little ole me.  No more global firm standing behind me.  No more executive administrative assistant managing my life.

Luckily, I was still working with my executive coach, Allan Milham.  Allan asked me a question.  He said, ‘Who Are You When You Are BIG?’  BIG isn’t about title, ego or money.  It’s about who you are when you are ‘all in,’ operating on all cylinders, jazzed to get to do what you are doing … when you are energized and engaged!  He helped me see that I hadn’t left Kimberly Roush behind.  All of me was still here.   I went on to create a list of all that I am when I am BIG …creative, dancing, smiling, inspiring, listening … far too much to list out here.  It considered all my roles – professional, wife, daughter, sister, friend.  My list helped me see all that Allan could always see in me, but even more, it helped me realize that there was nothing holding me back from being ‘that’ Kimberly Roush every moment of every day.

I’ve gone on to use the BIG List  with over 100 clients and over 650 Executives In Transition who felt like I did when I was starting my business 5 years ago.  It delights me to see them regain their self-esteem and begin to shine again.  We’ve had people create masterful poems, songs, videos about who they are when they are BIG!

I’ve come to realize that any time we are not being BIG we are not being true to ourselves and all that we are capable of.  In addition, we are cheating those around us.  In a sense we are out of integrity with our personal brand.

I’d love to hear your story if you are inspired by reading this one.  Feel free to send it to me.  I will share it with Allan.  You can make him smile too!

This week’s article was contributed by Kimberly Roush.

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