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New Directions
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What’s in Your 2013 Toolbox

Recently, I found myself re-reading Marshall Goldsmith’s wonderful book, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There. I use this book a great deal in my coaching practice. When I think about goals for 2013, I think of Goldsmith’s interesting challenge he poses to the reader at the end of his book. He ask the reader to imagine they are 95 years of age and on their deathbed. Before taking that last breath, you have the ability to reach back in time and speak to the young you. Having the benefit of time and experience, what advice would you give about being a better professional and better person? In essence, what have you learned in those 95 years of living vis-a-vis professional and personal advice? The rest is easy…act on the basis of the advice you give to the young you. Simple, right?

This is a great exercise to go through as we enter into a New Year. As I reflect on the economic turbulence of the last several years, we are beginning to see an improving economy, which brings hope to us all. It opens us up to new possibilities. This year find your passion and do it. If you are unhappy with your current job/career, make a detailed plan to change it. Most importantly, don’t forget to take time for yourselfWhatever your hobby, take it to the next level. Run that 5k/10k, or perhaps a Marathon. Set one athletic goal and go for it. It will empower you!

Taking the lesson from Goldsmith’s exercise, what are your career and personal goals for 2013?

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