The Sales Advantage

By Steve VerBurg

The Sales Advantage

Valentines Commitment

One of the biggest challenges that Sales Managers say their teams have is “Closing the Sale.” The problem is if you are trying to “close”, you are not focused on the longer term relationship. Valentines Day is a perfect example of what sales people should be focused on perfecting. On Valentines Day, women want to know they are cared about and that their men are committed to their relationships. 

Prospects also want to know that sales people are committed to a long-term relationship. If they think the sales person only cares about closing the sale, they will be skeptical of the validity of the recommendations. This is a big reason that prospects hesitate.

Here are a few tips to let your prospects know you “CARE” about the relationship:

Create Value – Each time you meet or speak with prospects, make sure you are making it worth their time. Ad some kind of value to show them you are an expert that they can count on.

Ask Questions – As absurd as it seems, there are still many sales people who spend all of their time talking and very little time listening. Ask deep business questions to get your prospects thinking about areas of their business that they may have not been focused on or under-appreciated. This will show them you truly understand and are interested in their world.

Recognize – Find opportunities to help prospects in areas of their business that you don’t have a solution for by offering referrals or resources. In other words, make sure your prospects see you are a partner willing to help them even when you are not getting paid to do it.

Elevate – Bring your prospects and their organizations to a higher level. Make sure they see that every time they do business with you, they are better off, more profitable, more efficient or more competitive.

When you show your prospects you “CARE”, they will be committed to a long-term relationship.

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