New Directions

By Jim Ward

New Directions
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Transitions / Part 2

Your past cannot be changed, but you can change tomorrow by your actions today.” David McNally

So, what actions will you take today as you begin your journey in transition? First, take a few steps back and use the time to reflect on WHO you are and WHAT you want to do. In my coaching practice and prior HR career, I dealt with many professionals going through some kind of transition. My approach always begins with self-awareness and a look inward. What do you want to do? How do you use the skills and talents you already have? How can you transfer these skills and talents to something you like? Often unconscious assumptions get in the way of our ability to change. At times, we should take some career risks by pursuing what we have passion for and enjoy. Transitions occur throughout our lifetime, particularly as we progress through the different chapters in our career. Some of these transitions will be minor and others will be major life changers. Regardless, in any transition self-awareness and introspection are the keys to success. As we deal with these events, its important to embrace the key findings from this self-awareness phase. There are no shortcuts to success; desire, motivation and the will to think differently will create a success formula. In the end, as you successfully master the different transitions we all go through in life, you will gain confidence, autonomy and a tolerance for ambiguity.

There is a saying “If you do not like the picture, change the frame.” This simple phrase is important to embrace as you begin your journey.

As we begin a New Year, think about those action steps you will take to “change your frame”.

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