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Totally Haute’ Cuisine for Valentine’s Day

It happens every year.

February 14th rolls around and you find yourself scrambling for dinner reservations, only to be crammed into a crowded restaurant on the busiest night of the year.

What if you could have a romantic dinner for two, in a cozy little place that makes you feel right at home?

Totally Haute’ Cuisine of Orange County is ready to make your Valentine’s Dreams come true, with a gourmet meal made from scratch and delivered to your door.

This isn’t your typical take out in a box.

Totally Haute’ meals are made with fresh organic produce, the finest cuts of meat, chicken and fish, and homemade sauces and soups. All arriving in adorable little white boxes…

You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to bring this dinner to your table.

Each meal comes with easy to follow, detailed instructions that take you from soup to dessert.

I know what your thinking….. “I go out to dinner to get away from the kitchen..”

But this is fun cooking. The kind you do with a nice glass of cabernet nearby.

All of the difficult prep work has been done and you get to pretend that you’re a star on The Food Network.

Eat your heart out Ina Garten…

The result is a fabulous meal, made  together and served at the best table in the house..

…your own!

Call early to order your  four-course Valentine’s Special.



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