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How Its Done
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How It’s Done with Pro Skateboarder and Entrepreneur Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk is one of the most recognized athletes in the world. He’s a game-changer in many ways both on and off the half pipe. Tony first set the world on fire at venues like the X Games by being the first human to land a 900 (go ahead and Google it if you have no idea how hard this is.) But that didn’t stop Tony from innovating…

He has a hugely successful (legit) video game franchise, apparel line at mega retailer Kohl’s and others, a premium Youtube Channel called ‘The Ride Channel’ and The Tony Hawk Foundation that helps build skate parks for inner-city and urban kids. Orange County entrepreneurs and biz peeps can learn a lot from this pioneer.

Watch this recent interview from my show, Behind the Brand as I talk to Tony about business and being and entrepreneur …

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