The Fit Executive

By Brad Davidson

The Fit Executive

Three Tips for Great Women’s Fitness Results

Three tips to get great fitness results for women:
1) Eat well:  a great place to start is by picking up a copy of The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf
2) Time your carbs:  eat carbs only post-workout
3) Get your stress under control:  sleep at least eight hours per night; learn how to calm yourself down at the end of the day through meditation or yoga.

Here’s an outline of what we did for a client, Anne Manaserro, at 50.  A year ago, like many of you, she suddenly started putting on weight.  She came to see us, and over a twelve-month period made tremendous progress, losing 12.7% of her body fat.  Interestingly, we targeted her legs which is a major problem area for most women.

Remember, it’s your health, man up!

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