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By Brad Davidson

The Fit Executive

Three Simple Holiday Tips For Your Health

Peeling yourself out of bed with much more difficulty, dark circles under your eyes, your heart seems to be banging with a little more energy this time of the year, and you feel overwhelmed by all of the additional “stuff” you need to handle on top of your day job. And, you were at a party late last night (a little too much to drink), up early with the kids this morning.

We all deal with much more stress this time of the year than any other. It’s common knowledge that stress directly impacts our health. That health impact reveals itself in how we feel: we seem to get sick more easily, we store more body fat, our energy levels are lower, we don’t sleep as well, we’re “edgier,” and some of us suffer from depression (even more so) during the holidays. Eating and drinking at parties as well as the emotional strain of lost loved-ones, family conflict, divorce are all heightened during this time. That additional strain as well as all of the parties are to be blamed; however, we believe much of it is purely a physiological stress response.

Here are some simple holiday tips to help you with your stress:

1) A supplement: take Serenagen. It’s great for dealing with stress; it calms you down without making you groggy.

2) Nutrition: add more berries to your diet. They’re high in antioxidants. This is true for any dark skinned fruits.

3) Don’t change your exercise regimen. Most people stop working out, which is one of the worst things you can do. Some workout more to offset the added booze and holiday deserts. Don’t change a thing during this time. The absence of exercise will lower your insulin sensitivity, increasing the odds you’ll store the carbs you’re eating as fat. However, exercise is stress. By adding more exercise then you typically do, you could, in fact, be “adding fuel to the fire.”

4) Lifestyle change: meditate for 10 minutes a day.

Remember, it’s your health. . . . man up!

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