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By Brad Davidson

The Fit Executive

The Other Type of Food Sensitivity

So what exactly do we mean when we are referring to “food sensitivity” and what can you do about it? When most people hear food sensitivity they immediately think of their cousin who goes into anaphylactic shock if they ingest anything that has even been in the same room as a peanut. Well, this is a totally different type of food sensitivity that may be keeping you from reaching your fitness goals.

Some of the foods we are eating on a regular basis that we’ve all thought are good for us or in no way shape or form considered cheating on our diets, like beef for example, are actually causing internal stress on our body. Or what is also known as a inflammatory response.

Most people will find that the foods we are eating on a regular basis are the ones harming us the most. The most effective way we’ve found to identify these foods is through the MRT LEAP test. This simple blood test will tell you exactly what foods are causing your body to have this inflammatory response and by eliminating them from your diet you could see and feel dramatic changes in your body in no time! Plus, summer’s right around the corner…

It’s your health, MAN UP!

The food sensitivity video

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