Sports Supremacy

By Saiful Islam

Sports Supremacy

The New-Look Lakers

With the new NBA season approaching, Southern Californians have much to be excited about. This upcoming season has as much promise as any other Laker season. After and early exit from last season’s playoffs and a long off-season the Lakers pulled of enough big moves to have the picked as the favorites. Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, Jodie Meeks, and Antwan Jamison have Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol chomping at the bit to get back to basketball.

The team to beat is still the Miami Heat and these Lakers haven’t played together or won anything. Who knows how they will gel, or how some of the older players will last through a full 82 games season let alone another 16 for a championship run. However, this team has so much potential players that compliment each other with a great mix of veterans and youth. Players who have won and been there before and those who are hungry and motivated to win. 

The best scorer in the NBA still might be Kobe, the best defensive player is by all means Dwight Howard, the least selfish player is Steve Nash, and the player with the most finesse is Pau Gasol. Pieces everywhere with a bench that can score and build on leads as opposed to last season that fell apart at every chance.

This NBA season can’t start fast enough. 



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