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New Directions
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The Interview – Part 1

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” – John Wooden

When it comes to interview preparation, no truer words have been spoken. Let’s face it, interviewing is stressful. However, with the right amount of thought and preperation, you can eliminate much of the stress and pressure. Over the next several postings, I want to discuss the job interview.

During an interview you are proving yourself on two levels. First, you are showing the potential employer that as a person you are someone of character and integrity. Second, you are attempting to show them that you are the right person for the job, someone with the requisite skills and experience. This is a lot to accomplish during an interview. John Lucht, in his book Rites of Passage, uses the analogy that when you are interviewing for a position, the employer is making a purchasing decision. You are the product and the potential employer is deciding which product to buy. Lucht’s analogy provides an interesting perspective. You are not only the product but the salesperson as well. Part of your job during the interview is to sell yourself.

Starting with the basics, arrive on time. In fact, be early to get yourself together. Dress appropriately for the organization you are interviewing with. Appearance and behavior are the first to be noticed. The formal greeting, body language and posture are all important things to think about as you start the interview. All interviews have a beginning, middle and end. Knowing this helps you manage the flow and insure you have enough time to make your points. Job interviews are not the time to go into your life story with long autobiographical summaries. Having thought about potential questions and your responses to those questions will give you the right level of confidence you need to be successful. Part 2 will focus on interview training.

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