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By Brad Davidson

The Fit Executive

The Highs and Lows of Sugar and Your Liver

Today’s topic is all about the sweet stuff; the stuff we crave every single day:  sugar. Below are some great reasons to give sugar up, altogether.  In dealing with the withdrawal symptoms around the gym, it’s no easy task; but, it’s really worth it. If you want to get healthy, feel and look better, give it up. Trust us. It’s worth it!

  • Giving up sugar will help you sleep at night.
  • It’s extremely addictive.
  • It can bog down your liver, tremendously, which will impact your bodies ability to metabolize fat.
  • A blood sugar crash gives you that sleepy after lunch feeling, which is virtually eliminated on a sugar-free diet

There are a hundred other reasons to give up the sweet stuff. If you want to find out more, check out our podcast on sugar.


It’s your health, MAN UP!

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