The Fit Executive

By Brad Davidson

The Fit Executive

The Effects of Alcohol On Fitness

One of our biggest barriers to men and women reaching their fitness goals is alcohol.

The impact on a middle-aged man: lowers testosterone, lowers growth hormone, raises estrogen for as long as five days (after a real, college-like bender), leading to man boobs, and a belly. You’ll have the largest impact with beer because of its estrogenic properties.

The beer belly: estrogen and alcohol both bog down the liver, leading to visceral fat storage, creating abdominal extension.

The impact on women: the elevation of estrogens which reveal themselves in fat storage on the lower body.

The best booze? Spanish red wine has the highest resveratrol levels (helping minimize the conversion of androgens to estrogens), but the best bet is to limit yourself as much as you can. To summarize, alcohol makes it more difficult to add lean muscle and lose body fat!

Remember, it’s your health, man up!

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