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Ten Barista Don’ts

Photo by innerstellarmedium.com

We sat down with some of your local OC baristas to find out what you do in line.  Yikes.  You all need some coffee.  Oh, wait…

Don’t Be Rude.  “Some people order their drink while on their cell phone.  Sometimes I pick up the store phone and make them wait for me.”

Don’t Be High Maintenance.  A ”triple shot of espresso halfway with soy, seven pumps of vanilla and, oh, leave room in the top for me to add sugar” or  “one and a quarter Splenda, please” would be considered high maintenance. 

Don’t Be Late.  “It’s 5 minutes before closing.  The place is spotless.  Then you walk in wanting to order a Venti white mocha and a Samoa Frap.  Just get coffee!”

Don’t Be Pushy.  “There’s a line out the door and you walk to the side because you want your coffee topped off or a cup of (free) water.  Stand in line like everyone else.”

Don’t Be Cheap.  “Yah, she always drinks three-quarters of the drink and then brings it back to us saying we made it wrong so she can get a free one.”

Don’t Be Dismissive.  “Every time you throw your money at me I want to throw it back at you.”

Don’t Be Lazy.  “Why are you asking me to put the half-and-half and Splenda in your drink when there’s a shelf full of that stuff?” 

Don’t Be Psychotic.  “We had two germophobes always coming into the store.  Every time we would sweep one of them would say they couldn’t breathe.”

Don’t Be Condescending.  “They talk slow and loud like we’re idiots.  I hate that.” 

Don’t Be A Hypocrite.  “I can’t stand those customers that complain about the long line but don’t know their order when they get to the counter.”

OC Barista?  What would you print on a t-shirt if you could say anything you want to customers? 

“Tip.  Oh, and go away.” 

We might need one more round of caffeine.

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