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Tek Tips and Talk: How to Prepare for the Next 10 Years

As I’ve discussed, this past November marked Tekcetera’s 10-year anniversary. Once a business hits a milestone such as this, many people start to ask: what’s next? It’s equally important for businesses’ short-term and long-term goals to be discussed and mapped out. As a business owner and leader, I’ve always thought big picture. Not just what does next year bring us, but also what do the next ten years mean to us?

One thing that has set Tekcetera apart in the technology industry is our unwavering commitment to success. It is this philosophy that allowed us to get through the past five tough economic years. Of course, this commitment to success doesn’t mean that everything is going to be perfect all the time, but it means that our team has a goal of doing what it takes to keep clients satisfied. A client that is happy is a loyal client.

So, what can businesses do to set themselves apart and think bigger picture?

- Make a commitment – our team is committed to success. Define what your business wants to commit to and make the commitment. It allows team members to see the bigger picture and to drive towards a common goal.

- Evolve – industries don’t stay the same forever, they evolve. Adapt to client and customer needs; as they evolve so should your business.

- Know that certain things aren’t forever – when the economy turned in 2008, many industries were devastated. It is only now, four years later, that some are starting to see a resurgence. For many vendors that worked within those industries, the turn also affected them. Being able to evolve and adapt allows businesses to support those turns, instead of going under.

- Understand trends – while many people ask businesses what’s next, businesses also need to be leading the industry with what’s next. Stay hungry, never settle. Industry trends are always changing. Be ahead of the change, know what’s next and educate your clients. They’ll thank you for it.

- Get loyal – it’s pretty simple. Be loyal and clients and customers will be loyal to you. Do what it takes to ensure their satisfaction and success. If that means making a couple of phone calls after hours, or taking an extra five minutes to send an email, do it.

- Start promoting – every year at Tekcetera, we promote our brand. From t-shirts and hats to fitted jackets and pullovers to coasters and water bottles, we have it all. It’s important to promote to not only provide your company with additional exposure, but also for employee morale. Our team loves when the new items come in and they are able to wear or use their new Tekcetera gear.

How do you look towards the future? What are your long-term goals? Share your comments below.

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