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Taking Courage

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Taking Courage


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“Courage is the virtue of the spirit.”
Frank Lloyd Wright

I met Bob C. in a Christians in Commerce Challenge Weekend in March, 1986.  He was the small group leader for the sharing group I was part of on this retreat weekend.  I was new to CIC and Bob made everyone feel very welcomed.

On this retreat weekend Bob encouraged me greatly and introduced me to several other mature Christian men.  Bob’s efforts contributed greatly in me accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior while on this retreat.

About 10 years later our paths crossed again, which I consider very fortunate. We were both part of the 12 member governing Board of Christians in Commerce called the National Service Council.

As a means of “growing in the Lord together”, it was decided that we’d pick straws and “pair up” to go 2 x 2.  For us this meant “pairing up” with another member of the Service Council for regular communication together.  Bob and I were paired.  Bob lived in Phoenix, Arizona, so we began our weekly phone call at a mutually agreed upon time.

Bob was very knowledgeable about the Holy Scriptures.  He encouraged me to read, study and closely analyze Romans Chapter 8.  This New Testament chapter basically describes the absolute amazing love that God has for each one of us.  By understanding more about this love, we become more confident in life because we know our Lord is with us in everything we do, say or think.

Our relationship and friendship “grew in the Lord” in the time we spoke regularly.  In fact, we called each other “wingman”, meaning that no matter what, he’d have my back and I’d have his back.  We prayed for each other for specific outcomes with life’s challenges.  It’s amazing to me how many answers to these prayers have come to be fulfilled!

Our calls always ended with these 2 powerful words – “Take Courage”.  These words come from John 16: 33 where Jesus encourages us by stating…“The world is full of tribulation, but be of good cheer, I’ve overcome the world.”

Over the last few years, I’ve been placed in the mentoring role Bob had with me some 15 years ago.  I remember a lot about how to counsel, encourage and advise others by what Bob did with me back in 1996 and 1997.  A big part of it is just being a good listener like Bob!

Bob’s kind, loving counsel and mentorship came along at a crucial time for me.  It’s like God sent me an angel!  Many of the blessings I enjoy today started when my life got re-ordered under wise and loving friendship with Bob.

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