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Spill Your Guts

Photo by beatdownbabylon.tumblr.com

The furniture sales girl told me about her divorce yesterday.  Well, I guess not the divorce but all the messy pieces on the front side and the back side of one.  Did she fill you in as well?  If not, the gist of it is:

“My ex is fighting me for custody and his new wife is really mean and only nice to her kids and not mine.  And we had court the other day and his lawyer is really good and I don’t have $6K for a lawyer so I’m using one of those public people that defend you.  (I’m going to take a shot at this and say Public Defender) But I missed the first court date and the judge granted him custody and then I set another one and I went to the wrong court so they dismissed the case.  You’re buying furniture for your boyfriend’s daughter?  That’s so sweet.  My ex’s wife would never do that.  She barely speaks to my kids.  I really like your purse.  I bet it was expensive.  Okay, I’ll go place your order.”

I may have said three sentences in the middle of all that, two being, “You probably want to show up on time and at the right court when you want custody of your kids.  Judges like that.”

I’m fairly certain just about anyone could have come up to this sweet young woman working at a furniture store and listened to the contents of her heart.  Not everyone would.  Not everyone does.  We’re so consumed with shopping for furniture and checking our phones and looking for emails and answering things that could be answered in 20 minutes, not Right Now minutes. 

Wait a second while I shop for furniture, check my phone, look for emails and answer things.  I hate that about me.

I attended a family get together this past week and found myself face to face with many people I hadn’t seen in some time.  All of the answers to my question of how are you were, “Oh, fine.  The kids are growing up so much.  Did you know so-and-so got a job and that so-and-so is trying to have a baby?  And such and such and such.”

I don’t really need your bio. I can Google you.   I do like the content of your heart and wish you would share that more with me.  Are you well?  Are you happy?  Are you in love?  Are you heartbroken?  Are you in financial ruin?  Did you just win the Lotto and all of your third cousins are coming out of the woodwork?

Are you going thru the custody battle of your life and just want to think about purses?

There’s a bravery to spilling your guts.  And there’s a reward in having guts spilled in your ear. 

Well, that doesn’t sound right.   Stop and listen to someone today, won’t you?

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