The Sales Advantage

By Steve VerBurg

The Sales Advantage

Selling the Popcorn

Exiting the supermarket for the last several weeks I was constantly asked the question, “Want to buy some popcorn?” by the local Cub Scouts. The odds were working in their favor as a quick Google search revealed as many as 18,000 people per day enter and exit your local supermarket. Ask that many prospects in a single day and you are bound to get some sales. However, most professional salespeople don’t have that many prospects we can ask to make a buying decision each day, much less in an entire month.

Taking a closer look at what the Cub Scouts are doing right can help us sell better. Here is what we can learn from the popcorn selling scouts:

1) Target Audience – Cub Scouts have a targeted audience of people who are already making a food purchase. Narrowing down our prospects to those who have a real interest in buying products or services similar to what we sell will help increase your hit ratio.

2) Appeal to Emotions – Who likes to say no to those little kids asking you to help? People typically buy on emotion and justify with logic. When you understand that concept, you can start appealing to your own prospects emotional reason for wanting what they already need: your product! This will get more prospects to buy now rather then wait until later.

3) Be Resilient – The Scouts aren’t afraid to get lots of “No”s in-between every “Yes.” Sales people often get discouraged when they get a “No.” Remember the old saying that “Every No gets you closer to a Yes” and take on the challenge.

4) Have Fun – Cub Scouts are out there having fun when they sell and don’t dread the work. Don’t think of what you do as just a job; you are helping people and companies get what they need. Have fun and get that same spark of energy they have when you sell.

Having a targeted approach that appeals to your prospects interests mixed with a positive attitude will make your sales POP!

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