The Sales Advantage

By Steve VerBurg

The Sales Advantage

Selling: “Space Babies”

Last Sunday, I sat with my family and enjoyed the fact that the 49ers decided to fight the last half of the Super Bowl instead of letting the Ravens blow them out. And like most, I also enjoyed some of the commercials during one of the most-watched events of the year. I did not enjoy every commercial, however, because they were in no way useful to me or those in my immediate company. How I felt during some of the commercials is how prospects feel when sales people take no consideration of their values or what is best for their company. Some sales people make the costly mistake of shoving an image in their prospects minds that go against everything they believe will help their company.

People buy on emotion and justify with logic, and one commercial that caught my eye as an example of how to do that as professional sales consultants was the Kia commercial titled “Space Babies” advertising a 2014 Sorento. It started with a child asking where babies come from. The father painted a vivid picture of babies on another planet, boarding rockets and coming to earth. When the child challenged the father, he quickly turned to the Sorento features to rescue him. Sales consultants should be painting a vivid picture of how your solutions meet your prospective company’s needs. You should make it a picture that anyone in the organization could enjoy. If you displease one decision maker or influencer, your chances of success in a sales situation are slim to none. If you are challenged by the prospect, you can then turn to the features and functionality of the solution you are providing to appeal to their logic.

Remember not to offend your prospects by overstating what your solution can do, or worse yet, shoving a solution that is not in their best interest. Paint a picture that your prospects will accept as good for both them and their company and your sales will rocket.

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