The Sales Advantage

By Steve VerBurg

The Sales Advantage

Selling Elves

This weekend I walked by a man about my age and heard him talking to two girls, each about 4 or 5 years old. He was telling them about an elf that he had seen in his house. The elf was sitting up on his kitchen counter eating a freshly-made cookie that he had in his hand. As he wove the tale it was easy to see how much he enjoyed watching the excitement on the face of the girls. The girls were hanging on every word and completely bought into this fantastic account of the fabled elf.

Sales professionals need to have that same level of engagement when we present to our prospects and customers. They need to have the prospect hanging on every word and buy into the solutions and products we are recommending. Dale Carnegie wrote in his book “The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking” about an easy way to present successfully and keep your prospects on the edge of their seats.

Here are three “E’s” Mr. Carnegie recommended to effectively present your ideas:

Earn – Sales professionals should have earned the right to speak about their solutions. This goes farther then just product knowledge, it extends into the benefits to their customers. Sales professionals should know what problems they can solve for their customers. Remember, business people don’t buy products they buy solutions!

Excited – You have to be excited about your solutions. Your belief in your company, products and solutions has to permeate every fiber of your being. If you have a hard time being excited about your products or company find one thing about it that you can get behind with all your belief. If not, prospects will see you don’t believe in your own recommendations and they won’t believe you ether.

Eager – Being excited about your solution is not enough. You have to be eager to go out and tell your prospects all about how you can help them. You have to want to tell everyone about you solution. You have to have that same level of commitment and energy as the man telling the story of the elf. The eagerness and excitement about your recommendation will be contagious.

Use the power of the three E’s and you will have your prospects eating cookies out of your hand.

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