The Sales Advantage

By Steve VerBurg

The Sales Advantage


Last Thursday, I had to deliver three different workshops on the same day. I was tired and hungry after the second workshop and thought I would run across the street to pick up a chicken soft taco before driving to my last workshop of the day. After ordering, I reached for my wallet to discover I had left it back at my office. Apologetically, I told the person who had taken my order to please cancel it as I forgot my wallet. It was at that moment that she did something that amazed me. She said, “I will go ahead and give you your food now, if you promise to come back later and pay for it.” She did not even ask for my ID, name, address or phone number. I was floored because I did not know this person and was not accustomed to being treated in this manner at a fast food restaurant. I am by no way saying that restaurants should start giving away free food, but the fact that this one wanted to make sure I was taken care of impressed me.

I can only think of a few memorable times when sales representatives have gone out of their way to “WOW” me and it is in those few instances that they earn my loyalty for life. To earn your customer’s loyalty, you also need to “WOW” them. Ask yourself a few questions to see if you are earning your customers loyalty:

1) How are you making your customers’ experience memorable?
2) Are you there for your customers during the delivery of your products or service, ether in person or virtually?
3) In what ways do you provide value for your customers after the sale?
4) When is the last time you contacted them with something other then a sales call?

As a Sales Professional you need to figure out ways to leave a “WOW” impression on your customers. If you do, you will earn a customer for life!

By the way… I did go back and pay.

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