The Sales Advantage

By Steve VerBurg

The Sales Advantage

Sales: Who Are You?

Do your prospects know who you are? Sometimes your competition isn’t the guy next door; it’s the internet. Today it’s easy to get hundreds – if not thousands – of options for any product or service customers want. Unless you’re in front of prospects constantly, they will not remember you.

I was at a social function this past weekend and was getting to know a few new people. In the course of a casual conversation, I was asked what I did for a living. “I run the local Dale Carnegie office. We improve the performance of organizations through improving the performance of their people,” I said. He was curious and asked for more information about Dale Carnegie Training. He had no idea who Dale Carnegie was before our conversation.

After 100 years of successful training, everyone should know who Dale Carnegie Training is and what it stands for. Unfortunately that is not the case, because past success no longer guarantees that people know you. Unless you remain a Very Important Person in the minds of your prospect, they will quickly forget you when it is time to buy.

Here are some tips to become a VIP in the minds of your prospects and increase the likelihood that they will remember you:

1) Volunteer to co-author a magazine article for the industry that you are targeting. This is a good way to establish credibility in the minds of your prospect.

2) Increase your exposure by becoming a local or online resource. You can write a blog, produce YouTube videos, or use other social media tools to give valuable information to your prospects.

3) Present at networking events, conferences, and industry meetings. These types of events are always looking for subject matter experts and dynamic speakers. In turn they will give you exposure to large amounts of prospects you would never get in front of otherwise.

You will stay at the top of your prospects’ minds when you take the time to give them value and remind them of who you are.

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