The Sales Advantage

By Steve VerBurg

The Sales Advantage

Sales Presentation Jitters

You have worked for months (maybe even years) to get in front of this prospect. You are minutes away from making your big pitch and your stomach is tied-up in knots. You have made lots of sales presentations, so why the nerves and anxiety?

It is important to know that anxiety can be a good thing. What if your favorite football team felt so confident they were going to win their next game that they didn’t bother to prepare? Instead they relaxed by the pool or went to the movies. Chances are they would get killed in that game!

The nervous energy of anxiety helps push us forward and makes us want to prepare. We do better when we know there is something on the line. We just want the butterflies to help us, not hinder us.

Here are the ABCs of getting your presentation butterflies to fly in formation:

Always be yourself. People want to do business with people they like, not mechanical presentation robots. The challenge is to get out of your own head and simply have a conversation with your prospects.

Be confident in your ability. Give yourself a positive self-talk and replay all the positive interactions you have had to get you to this presentation. Stay on task by visualizing yourself having a great conversation with the prospect.

Come with reserve power. Even when you speak in terms of the prospect’s interests, sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned or expected. Know the opportunity backward and forward. Understand how your recommendations tie into your prospect’s buying motives and how it will benefit your prospect’s organization. This requires you to review past conversations prior to the presentation. Know far more about how your recommendations will help your prospect than you will need to present.

To overcome the pre-sales presentation jitters, focus on the ABC’s and you will be a confident, skilled conversationalist who can deliver presentations with power.

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