The Sales Advantage

By Steve VerBurg

The Sales Advantage

Sales Drive

I was listening to lyrics from a Kutless song, “What Faith Can Do,” on the way into work this morning. The song centers around a line which states, “Impossible is not a word. It’s just a reason for someone not to try.” In today’s challenging economy I have heard many sales people say, “It is impossible to sell in this economy,” or “It is impossible to sell when customers can find it on the internet cheaper.” These are simply excuses not to try. The fact is many people are competing, selling and succeeding in this economy.

To be successful at sales, you must have the DRIVE to succeed. Many things that were once thought to be impossible – such as running the three-minute mile, flying to the moon, heart transplants, etc. – were accomplished when people set their minds on the target.

Here are a few tips to help DRIVE your sales:

1) Differentiate yourself from your competition. Understand what value your company and products have when compared to others. Get excited about those differences and know that you are helping others by selling your products or services.

2) Respect your position as a sales professional and make every effort to be as effective as possible in every sales activity you do. This will require you to sharpen your skills and continually improve your performance.

3) Initiative creates opportunity. Don’t wait until opportunity knocks on your door. Go out and find it. Think outside the box to develop new ways of approaching the market and your prospects.

4) Validate your claims. The fastest way to lose credibility with prospects is to make claims about your products and services while leaving doubt in their minds. Make sure you are backing up your claims with solid evidence.

5) Endure every “no” and remember that they get you closer to the next “yes.” If sales were easy, then they would have kids right out of high school doing your job for minimum wage. You are a professional and have to get to the people who can benefit from your products or services.

Have faith and put some more DRIVE in your sales process and nothing will be impossible.

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