The Sales Advantage

By Steve VerBurg

The Sales Advantage

Sales Call Frequency

Last week I conducted a cold calling information session for a commercial real estate firm. A participant asked if the flyer she sends out every six month is enough or should she be contacting prospects more often. According to the National Sales Executive Association, “80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact.” Keeping that in mind, twice a year is not enough to have others remember you and to brand yourself as the industry leader.

In order to win business, you need to increase the frequency that you “touch” each prospect. In a longer sales cycle it is easy for prospects to forget who you are. They are overwhelmed with constant interruptions, deadlines and sales calls. Sales representatives should consider touching prospects at least once a month and in some industries it could be every other week. Never overdue the amount of calls or they will be turned off and avoid you.

Sales professionals can’t rely on direct marketing twice a year to sell for you. Rather, you have to take a varied approach. This type of strategy requires a mixture of direct marketing, phone calls, emails (when appropriate), articles, social media posts and educational events. The trick is to make sure you are giving them something of value and not to focus on what you want from them. When you take this type of approach, you are seen as a credible, industry expert who adds value. When people see that talking with you will increase their efficiency, raise profitability, achieve goals, etc., you are the one they call.

Vary your approach and increase the number of times you touch prospects and you will enhance your ability to connect with decision makers.

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