New Directions

By Jim Ward

New Directions
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I¬†will keep working until about five years after I die.” – Warren Buffet

Ok. I’ll admit it, I’m over 50 and also a member of AARP. The above quote is from a recent interview with Warren Buffet in the AARP magazine. I love this quote! Funny thing though, while I’m a member of AARP, I don’t believe in retirement.

Over the years I have worked with many middle-age executives in transition. They had either been pushed out from their organization or simply voluntarily left to think about life and what to do next. Today’s message is to those individuals, whether you are a forty-something or fifty-something. My advise to anyone thinking about retirement is DON’T. Warren Buffet’s comment resonates with me. As humans we must stay active. Transitions can be very rewarding and fulfilling. However, you do not want to transition to doing nothing. One can only play so much golf, tennis or whatever your hobby of choice is. For those of us who are “Type A” personalities, we might need more than hobbies to fill our days and sense of purpose and involvement. I think of these transitions in life as opportunities to re-direct in some way. Re-directing is synomous with staying active and involved. Stay working in some capacity. Consulting, starting a small business, working part-time, being activity involved in a charity aligned with your passion are examples of ways to re-direct. There are too many things to do in life to simply just stop contributing at a certain age. Fredrick Hudson, author of the book The Adult Years, talks about the self-renewing person. In this book he discusses in great detail ways to “recycle” yourself over and over. Embrace the opportunity that comes with each transition in life. It’s a great time to turn the page to the next chapter and re-direct to something new and different.

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