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New Directions
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Relationship Building

“It’s not what you know, but who you know that counts!”  (Anonymous)

How many times have you heard the above cliche? I don’t necessarily buy into the message 100%, but in terms of career management, relationship building is extremely important. In today’s world of social media, networking equals business success. There are many on-line tools at your finger tips which facilitate relationship building through networking. These tools are essentially free and only require us to reach out, communicate and sell ourselves. It does not matter what you do professionally, building a solid foundation of contacts is key to your success and development. Joining a professional organization, regularly attending seminars/conferences and being involved will expand your network exponentially. You are your best marketing tool. Who you socialize with, socially and professionally, can benefit your career. Accept invitations to participate within your professional association, run a project, participate on a panel, organize an evening event, etc. All of these things work to your advantage in building your network. Non-profit work is also an excellent way to build your network. We all have a passion for a cause or multiple causes. Volunteer where you can. Serve on a non-profit board. Get involved. It’s good for you professionally, as well as good for the soul.

Personal contacts are one of your most valuable resources and tools. Keeping in touch will help you personally, as well as professionally.

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