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New Directions
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Personality & Organizational Fit?

What matters most is not ‘what’ you are, but ‘who’ you are.” – DaShanne Stokes, author of The Unfinished Dream

Personality plays a significant part in success or failure on the job. One of the paradoxes of being human is we have different sides to our personality. The ancient philosophers described this as the paradox between good and evil. I’m not sure I agree with that assessment, but personality is important to our personal development. In my coaching work, I have used the Hogan Personality Inventory (a psychometric tool) to help individuals better understand their own personality, particularly their individual strengths and weaknesses. The Hogan Assessment breaks down personality between the bright side and dark side. The bright side of personality are those personality characteristics considered strengths, tendencies when we are at our best. The dark side of personality are those characteristics which can cause us to derail and thereby underperform. These are tendencies when we are at our worst. During my career, I have seen many situations where a person with unlimited potential derail themselves because of their dark side, personality quirks. Bottom line, this is all about how we are wired. It is important to understand how we are wired to make the best career choice for ourselves and most importantly, determine the type of organization that fits our personality. For example, some organizations are very structured, hierarchical and process oriented. If you are more entrepreneurial and like a fast-pace results oriented type culture, this would not be the place for you. A person’s “fit” within a job or organization will largely determine their success or failure. Research shows that 7 in 10 new hires derail in the first year of employment because of bad fit (Hogan 2007). Something to think about, I think.

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