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New Directions
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Monday Morning Horrors?

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” (Confucius)

I’m sure everyone has heard some version of the above quote, attributed to Confucius. Do you find yourself dreading Monday mornings? For many, the beginning of the week is often the worst day of the week. Why is that? For many of us, the monotony of a dead end job is acceptable because the thought of having to start over is far worst than the alternative. Due to our hectic lives and busy schedules, we don’t take action to make a change. Each Sunday night we mentally prepare ourselves to tackle the same increasingly empty role. Maybe its time to do something about those Monday morning horrors! It begins with taking ownership, deciding what you love to do and making a plan to find a position which accommodates your skills and passion.

Some caution is needed here; it is very important to have realistic expectations about doing what “you love”. We all have different passions. For example, I love music and have some talent as a guitar player. That does not mean I can make a living as a musician. We need to remember that we all have competencies and skills in certain areas. It’s much better to have a realistic awareness of what you can or can’t do. That being said, we can still change the way we approach our Monday mornings. Whether it’s the job, organization or the career choice you made, taking ownership to consider what and how you need to change is important. Taking specific action steps to change is a start.

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