Making The Cut

By Scott and Jennifer Fontana

Making The Cut

Making the Cut: Transitioning into Fall

The mark of the first day of Autumn means the transition from summer into winter. We say ‘goodbye’ to sunlit evenings and warm beach days and ‘hello’ to cooler temperatures and the holidays! Anticipating darker evenings and rainy days made Jennifer and me think about how we keep the salon bright, cheerful and motivated. It’s easy to want to stay home when it’s raining or sleep in later with darker mornings, but as small business owners, it’s our job to keep the atmosphere in the salon light and fun. We thought this week would be fun to give our insight on how we have kept and will keep our team and clients happy and motivated throughout the fall and winter months to come.

Give small encouragements: It’s much harder to roll out of bed during dark winter mornings than it was during summer. Keep your team happy and motivated with small encouragements, whether it’s bringing bagels and coffee in or doing a monthly contest for an extra few bonus bucks. If you work in an office setting, plan a small holiday party. If you work in an industry similar to ours, hold a contest for the most products sold. It’s the little things that count with small businesses and keep your team happy.

Sit down with your team: Especially if you haven’t had one-on-ones with your team recently, this is a great time to sit down and talk about their goals and vision for the company. Let each team member bring ideas to the table and remind you of their goals with your company will put a little extra pep in their step. Reigniting the feeling of being a valued employee will do wonders to keep their motivation day in and day out, rain or shine!

Let the creativity roll!: Everyone is already buzzing about the upcoming holidays. Let your team have a little fun by decorating their office space or lighting some holiday-scented candles. Our salon is located in Fashion Island, a place that does an excellent job of decorating for the holidays. We like to play off that by adding a few decorations of our own in the salon and playing cheery holiday music. A few Christmas tunes and a room smelling of spiced cider can go a long way!

What tactics do you use to keep your team motivated and happy through the transition into winter?



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