Making The Cut

By Scott and Jennifer Fontana

Making The Cut

Making the Cut: PR & Marketing

Marketing is becoming increasingly important, especially for small business owners. Every strategy is different, and for our salon, we leverage marketing and public relations to generate awareness, promote our industry expertise and drive clients into our salon. We live in a promote-or-parish world and without marketing, your business risks being lost in the abundance of your competitors. Marketing and PR can help shine the spotlight on what makes your business unique and why people should come to you.

So what can marketing and PR do for you? Here are just a few of the benefits we’ve seen.

Create a Buzz: Marketing and PR helps spread the word about your business, products, services, events, etc. Our marketing strategy leverages diverse tactics that keep our salon’s name consistently in the public eye. Whether reading the newspaper, flipping through a magazine, watching the news, attending a fashion show or charity event, browsing online reviews, checking Facebook, or even visiting other local businesses, our clients and prospective clients are reading and hearing about Cristophe Salon Newport Beach at any given moment. The key to creating a buzz is to stick with it and identify every valuable channel to reach your target audience.

Leverage Social Media: An important piece of marketing today is taking advantage of free social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. These social networks are great tools to engage, inform, excite and respond to our online audience to attract potential new clients and fuel existing client loyalty. Our online community members are able to “Like” our salon, check in, learn from our tips, share or retweet a post, and engage with others. Community participation also allows us to gain feedback on what our clients love about the salon and how we can better our business.  YouTube can also be a fun, not to mention highly searchable, tool to share tips or ideas, and allow consumers to put faces to names. Maintaining a presence in the digital world is an impactful way to get attention and build and maintain relationships.

Build Credibility: People will always be more inclined to spend their money with a trusted and credible business. To stand out from the competition, you have to promote your expertise. A well-placed, educational article in a magazine or an interview on TV can do just that. Effective marketing builds a positive image for your company and allows consumers to learn from your expertise. Working in the salon business, we know that clients want to know that they will leave loving their look. That’s why it’s important that we publicize each of our stylists’ and colorists’ experience, our salon’s commitment to professional development, and our dedication to an exceptional client experience. Through articles, videos, online reviews, participation in fashion shows, and TV interviews, our clients get to know our salon and feel confident that we’re the right choice for their beauty needs.

So what are specific examples of our marketing? Here’s a snapshot:


Public Relations

–          Regular red carpet hairstyle commentators on TV news stations

–          Weekly contributors to the OC Metro “Making the Cut” blog

–          Regularly featured in local and national beauty articles in outlets that include American Salon, Beauty Launchpad, Coast News, Modern Salon, Newport Beach Magazine, Riviera, SheKnows.com, and many more


Community Relations & Events

–          Named the exclusive hair and make-up partner for Style Week OC 2012

–          Named the exclusive hair and make-up partner for the Ronald McDonald House High Tea & Fashion Show

–          Launched the Cristophe Salon Newport Beach 2013 Best OC Hairstylist competition this year



–          Named two of OC Executive Magazine’s Sexiest Execs

–          Named one of Coast Magazine’s Style Leaders

–          Named one of OC Hotlist’s Top Five Salons for Haircuts


How do you market your business? Share your thoughts and successes with us below!

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