Making The Cut

By Scott and Jennifer Fontana

Making The Cut

Making The Cut: Keeping Clients Happy

As small business owners, it is important for new clients to have a comfortable and enjoyable first visit so they are eager to return, rather than seeking out someone else the next time.  However, it is equally as important for you to ensure returning clients have top notch visits and feel just as special as the first time they came in. At Cristophe Salon Newport Beach, there are a few tips we use to impress our new clientele while keeping our current customers feeling valued.

First impressions: The first impression of your business includes (but is not limited to) the atmosphere, your staff creates and how your client feels when he or she first walks through the door. Your client picked your business out of a multitude of others, so it is your job to confirm they have made the right choice. It is important to remember each new client is an integral part of your business, and a first impression can make or break an opinion. Make sure your business is aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and clean from the moment clients walk in. Additionally, make sure your staff looks professional and welcoming. Particularly in the salon industry, we know that no one is going to want to get their hair, makeup or nails done by someone who isn’t groomed or put together themselves. As soon as your client walks in the door, welcome them by name and offer them a beverage or snack while they are waiting. This shows you take care of your clients and you value their time.

Pay attention: You can’t guarantee your clients loyalty based off first impressions alone. At Cristophe Salon, we take a personal interest in our customers. For first time clients, we offer a free, private consultation to pair them with the stylist that best fits their personal needs. While working with each client, take the time to get to know them and build the foundation for a lasting relationship. Ask them about their lifestyle, what they like and what they are looking for from their time with you. At Cristophe, we know that anyone can sell a haircut, so we aim to sell a unique experience. We listen to our clients and constantly read body language to allow them to have a great experience each time they step through our doors.  For example, if a client is slowing down conversation or closing their eyes, we let them relax and enjoy the experience rather than pushing conversation.

VIP Treatment: While it’s important to get to know your new clients, it’s also imperative that you continue to build a relationship with your current clients. Remember details about their life, ask them about their job, kids or a specific story they told you at their previous appointment. In return for their loyalty, you must nurture your relationship with them. Treat your client as a friend. Remember their birthday and offer them a free add-on service or a gift. Additionally, treat client referrals in the same respect. An appointment with you should not be a task but something they look forward to!  It is also great to follow up after their appointment to make sure they’re happy and provide any after-treatment tips or advice.

Evolve: Stay ahead of the curve.  At Cristophe Salon we know we need to keep finding ways to make our clients look great and feel valued. As a business in a saturated industry, it’s important to constantly grow and evolve. You can do this by providing recommendations for additional services, new products or new treatments they might enjoy. You may also consider throwing in a complimentary sample product you think will benefit them so they can see results without the financial risk. Offering a new service, free sample or fresh perspective can change things up and keep your client interested in returning to your business.

What are some of the ways you make your new clients feel comfortable while keeping your current clients feeling special! Share some of your tips and advice below!

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