Making The Cut

By Scott and Jennifer Fontana

Making The Cut

Making the Cut: Introspection

Throughout our Making the Cut series, we have offered various suggestions and insights to the world of small business owners. Usually the focus is on transforming your business – whether it’s through client relationships, business atmosphere or general functionality. Today, it’s time to take a step back and do a little introspection. The best business owners not only take the time to reflect on what’s happening around them, but also take the time to look in the mirror. This isn’t always the easiest practice, but it is vital to survival and ultimately growth.  After all, businesses are an image of the people that work there and that starts with the owner. Are you ready?

Kevin Daum, award-winning and bestselling author, recently wrote an article for Inc. Magazine provoking readers to pause and ask, “Am I a good boss or an amazing boss?” Before defining what qualifies good and amazing, take a second and think.  How would you, as a business leader, answer that question? How would your employees answer it? Make sure you can support your answer with reasons that qualify your opinion. Now let’s take a look at Daum’s grading scale.

A good boss fosters a sense of community, making room for everyone.

An amazing boss forms an internal culture by design instead of by default. This means that as the owner, you define the culture of your business instead of letting the interactions of your employees, be it good or bad, define the atmosphere. Part of this includes careful selection of the people brought on to the team and team maintenance when necessary.

A good boss invites creative thinking.

An amazing boss integrates creativity into daily conversation and interaction. Facilitating this creative mindset causes employees to feel natural about being innovational, especially when talking to and brainstorming with teammates.

A good boss encourages career development for their employees.

An amazing boss integrates employee development into every position so that personal growth is an everyday occurrence. This is beneficial for small businesses because this is how new leaders are developed and learn to contribute to company growth. It also eliminates employees’ feeling of being stuck in one position.

A good boss generates happiness in the workplace.

An amazing boss constantly provides ways to help employees gain satisfaction from their accomplishments and responsibilities. This boss also keeps the environment exciting so that employees are eager to come to work.

A good boss makes sure people are responsible for their roles and actions.

An amazing boss provides personal accountability by motivating employees to stand behind the company’s culture, vision and goals. This will align personal and team communication, motivation and progress.

A good boss knows how to praise and show gratitude.

An amazing boss knows how to cultivate strong personal satisfaction in individual team members. These bosses help employees develop self-confidence and self-praise that becomes more valuable than a pat-on-the-back reward.

At Cristophe Salon Newport Beach we strive to fall in the amazing category, which calls for times of introspection as well. For instance, in order to instill creativity in our team, we encourage members to showcase their talents when it comes to styling – only, of course, if the client is up for the change! In reality, there is always room for improvement, especially in the realm of business. The only way this improvement manifests itself, however, is if the owners step back to evaluate not only their business, but themselves as well.

What ways do you find yourself to be an amazing boss? Is there room for improvement?

Note: The qualities listed here do not make up Daum’s entire list. To view the entire list, visit Inc. Magazine online. 

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