Making The Cut

By Scott and Jennifer Fontana

Making The Cut

Making the Cut: How to Take a Summer Vacation When You’re in Charge

As a small business owner, you may be reluctant to pull away from work for vacation. However, research has proven that taking a vacation, or even a day-off, from the workplace can be beneficial for both you and your employees. Your business can survive without you for a few days, as long as you put a few guidelines in place to help make things go as smoothly as possible.

Writer Matthew DeLuca of Inc. Magazine recently offered some tips on how to take a summer vacation when you’re in charge.

Make sure everything is in order: Leaving others in charge can make you a little nervous, but knowing that you’re leaving your business in tip-top shape will bring you some comfort. When your employees are informed beforehand and know where everything they could possibly need is located, this will decrease the amount of phone calls you’ll receive, as well as keep your employees focused on their normal duties. Putting all the proper systems in place before leaving is key to having your business run smoothly while you’re out of office. For example, put one person in charge if there isn’t already a manager and create a template for what-if situations, assigning different people to handle duties you normally take care of.

Decide how long of a break you need: Sometimes just a summer day off or a night out with friends can help a business owner rejuvenate. Determining how much time you can handle being away from your business is crucial. If you aren’t able to take as long of a vacation as you’d like, keep in mind that even a mini break can help you rethink and reprioritize work goals and commitments, and get creative juices flowing again.

Rethink how you use time off: As a business owner, you may have learned to maximize your time in order to accomplish your daily tasks. Leave this idea when you’re taking a break from your business! It’s important that you carve out space and time to truly refresh, even if it means shutting down your cell phone and not checking your e-mail. Spending some alone time with a good book or connecting with your loved ones on a family vacation may be just what you need to re-vamp your mind, body and outlook on your business… so enjoy!

How do you take a vacation from the workplace when you’re in charge?

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