Making The Cut

By Scott and Jennifer Fontana

Making The Cut

Making the Cut: How to Keep Your Business Flourishing Through Change

Change is inevitable with small businesses. Whether it’s changing locations, employees or simply office décor, there are ways to welcome the change into your business with ease and comfort, ensuring your business stays profitable. Below we’ve included our best practices to keep your business flourishing during times of change.

Consult the experts: You can’t do it all!  Utilize industry experts, especially when diving into a project that’s outside your wheelhouse. For example, at Cristophe Salon Newport Beach, we are in the midst of a large construction project to expand our building. At the beginning of the process, we brought in experts to discuss how to keep our business up and running through the loud noises, dust, fumes and hassle. Had we not discussed the construction process with consultants, we might have run into problems that could have caused us to shut our doors for days or even weeks!

Stay on top of the trends: There are always new technological advancements, software updates and business trends, and to keep your small business on top. As a business leader, you must constantly be aware of these trends and adapt as necessary. A huge spring trend in the salon industry is balayage, a free-hand technique to achieve ombre hair coloring. To ensure our stylists were in the know, we brought in a professional to teach a balayage class. Investing in our staff this way ensures that when our clients come in, they are continually receiving the best experience and expertise available. It is vitally important as a business to always be ahead of the curve with industry advancements.

Utilize outside resources: Another way to ensure you, your company and staff are up to speed on industry trends and happenings is to utilize outside resources, such as blogs, books and events.  Keep a calendar of conferences you’d like to attend and speakers you’d like to listen to for new and improved business ideas. Bookmark blogs and read new books written by industry leaders to constantly refresh your mind with new ideas. Don’t shy away from using outside tools to keep your business thriving though our ever changing business world!

Have a crisis management plan in place: In the unfortunate event that a client makes a request that your business is not prepared to handle, how do you deal with the situation? It is important to train your team members on crisis management and how to handle customers when they make a request you can’t fulfill. Never tell a customer or client just no; always take the time to research a request, and do not forget to utilize those outside tools. Think outside the box and consider those on your team that may be able to help the client for a unique request. If you do come across a request you or your business is not ready to handle, have a few good references to suggest while maintaining your professional image.

How do you flourish while handling change within your business? Give us your tips below!

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