Making The Cut

By Scott and Jennifer Fontana

Making The Cut

Making the Cut: How to be Happier at Work

As small business owners, we understand that a happy team makes a happy workplace. As much as we wish everyone was perfectly cheerful all the time, we tend to get caught up in the ups and downs of life and some days may not be so blissful. As the salon leaders, we try to set an example for our team by coming into work every day with a positive attitude to help boost the overall morale. However, despite how much we try, there will certainly be off days. Business writer Jeff Haden of Inc. Magazine believes if you adopt and practice a few simple tricks, you may lead a happier life. Reminding yourself of these small tips and tricks will help keep your mind and attitude positive and happy throughout the day.

The Best Success is Shared Success: Sharing your success is more rewarding than riding solo. Teamwork that leads to success creates a lasting connection that will benefit both the company and the people involved. At Cristophe Salon Newport Beach, our stylists, colorists and assistants work together to create memorable experiences for our clients which, in return, makes them happier to be at work.

Comparisons Kill: To be happy, only compare yourself to the person you were yesterday. This is something only you can control; so be the best person you can be, and you’ll gain incredible satisfaction.

Your Body is a Terrible Thing to Waste: As a child you expressed happiness through skipping, jumping and other silly actions. As an adult, most people don’t celebrate in these childish ways, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. Enjoying a bike ride, jumping with your children on a trampoline or going rock climbing will not only make you feel more active but will produce a happier you.

Don’t Wish for Luck: If you want to wish for something, wish for the strength and perseverance to earn the things you want. If you work hard and achieve your goal, the gratifying feeling you’ll experience is a lot more rewarding than simply getting something handed to you.

Good People Deserve Their Just Reward: There is a saying that you don’t miss someone until they’re gone. This regretful feeling we’ve all felt comes from not giving people the recognition they deserved. The act of making someone else feel good will instantly make you feel good too, so practice doing good for someone else and you both will benefit.

Values are a Springboard for Actions: If what you value in life doesn’t match up with what you’re doing, then you’re most likely unhappy or in some way feeling empty. Picking three things you value most and evaluating how much time you spend on these values will be the springboard for you actions. If you aren’t currently living out your values, it’s time to make them your priority in order to feel more happy about who you are and joyful about life.

What do you practice to stay happy at work? For the full article, click here.


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