Making The Cut

By Scott and Jennifer Fontana

Making The Cut

Making the cut: Hairstyles successful women wear

We were recently asked by Elizabeth Mitchell for some feedback for an article she was writing, for SheKnows.com. SheKnows.com is one of the leading websites for women with millions upon millions of visitors each month looking for information on health and beauty, personal style, food and cooking, parenting, love and relationships, celebrities and entertainment, and so much more.

This particular story, titled Girl on Top, focused on the hairstyles successful women wear. The reality is that today’s working world is so competitive that the combination of brains and beauty is what will really make professionals stand out. Looking the part is vital when it comes to earning trust and impressing your bosses, co-workers and clients. For the alpha woman who wants it all, hairstyle is certainly part of that equation. Elizabeth Mitchell recognized that and asked   us to share different hairstyles, lengths and colors that the world’s most successful women wear.  You can read the full article here: http://www.sheknows.com/beauty-and-style/articles/979711/hairstyles-successful-women-wear

One of the ideas shared for career-worthy hair includes keeping it simple and put together (no bump-its, crimping or grown out color!) to avoid potential judgment. Trying an authentic new ‘do’ is another idea to get you noticed at work. Some styles to take into consideration include a classic bob or a French twist. The bob comes off as polished and professional, while the twist is controlled and indicates success. Keep in mind, your hair is a reflection of your work ethic. Keeping yourself and your hair clean and put together can indicate how organized and productive you are in the workplace. You would be surprised at what a difference keeping your hair kept up can make in the working world.

Here’s our input on what certain styles say about a professional:

Short hair: If you wear your hair short (chin length and above) it says that you’re a very strong personality. You’re a go-getter and you don’t fool around. Whatever task you’re given, you get the job done.

Long hair: If your hair is below the shoulders or longer and it’s worn wavy or curly, it sends the statement that you’re a fun person who likes to go out for a drink after work.

Long, straight hair: You’re serious, but you still like to have a good time.

Flawless hair: If every strand is in place, such as in a slicked back ponytail or bun, it gives off that you’re a perfectionist and everything has to be just right.

How do you wear your hair at work and what does it say about you? Share your stories with us below!

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