Making The Cut

By Scott and Jennifer Fontana

Making The Cut

Making the Cut: Habits for Successful Business Owners

A few weeks ago, Jennifer and I blogged about how living a healthier lifestyle correlates into being better business owners. We discussed things like a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, etc. This week, we were inspired by an article we read which had a similar theme- personal habits that allow business owners and CEO’s to be ahead of the game, successful and a great leader.  We wanted to share our thoughts on these habits, discussed in the article by Marc Barros on Inc.com.

Barros touches on the importance of regular exercise and enough sleep. There is a reason these are repeated over and over again in articles on how to be your best self- they are extremely important. Exercising takes 30 minutes out of your day! Don’t let ‘I don’t have time’ be an excuse.

Take a break: Plan a weekend staycation! Your work may pile up and your email inbox might overflow, but your team needs to know how to function when you’re not there. If you need to get away, plan a mini vacation and book a hotel an hour away for the weekend with your significant other or family.  Jennifer and I like to go up to Los Angeles for a weekend and just hang out without thinking about business. Everything will be fine (we promise!) when you get back and you will have a refreshed energy to bring into the workplace.

Listen: Listen to your team and really hear what they have to say. While you may be the business owner, you have hand-picked your team members and should trust their opinion. As Barros states, ‘being a great listener takes patience and commitment to being open.’ Stress levels may diminish as you realize you don’t need to come up with all the answers on your own; just listen to your team.

Prioritize people: Friend and family relationships are the most important in your life. At the end of the day, when your business is no longer there, your relationships will be the only thing left. Don’t let your relationships suffer while you’re focusing on growing your business. Take time to call or schedule a meal with your mother or father, your best friend from college, your sickly aunt or someone you used to work with. Put your phone down during meals and don’t skip your kid’s soccer games for a meeting you can reschedule. Jennifer and I always make sure our kids are a top priority and we constantly make plans with family and friends to keep a balance. It’s all about prioritization!

What are some good habits you follow as a successful business owner?

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