Making The Cut

By Scott and Jennifer Fontana

Making The Cut

Making the Cut: Giving Back

We were recently honored by OC Executive Magazine as two of “OC’s 13 Sexiest Execs.” It wasn’t the title of sexiest execs that was the honor, though that was a nice bonus, but it was the basis upon which the media outlet selected these top 13 business leaders. The magazine specifically seeks out executives who give back and are actively involved in the community.

Finding the time to give back is not always easy. Between running a busy luxury salon, raising four children all under the age of seven, and overseeing a salon renovation to accommodate our expanding client base, our schedules are packed. You can’t make more time in your day, but you can prioritize your time better. For us, giving back is a priority.

Just this year, our community and charity involvement has included the following. We’re sharing our list with the hope that it may spark philanthropic interests that you could explore.

– Volunteer at children’s school several days a week – mentoring, tutoring and assisting teachers

– Volunteer soccer coach for five- and six-year-olds with the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO)

–  Financial donor to children’s school

–  Regular participant in charity golf tournaments

– Exclusive hair and make-up partner for Style Week OC, including the Finale Fashion Show and Cadillac: Couture Design  Competition, benefiting FIDM Museum

– Exclusive hair and make-up partner for the Ronald McDonald House High Tea and Fashion Show

– Silent auction donor for Ronald McDonald House High Tea and Fashion Show

– Silent auction donor for Children’s Hospital of Orange County Glass Slipper Guild

Here are our tips for prioritizing your time better so you are able to give back.

– Identify volunteer opportunities that align with your core values. For us, it’s our family and children. We volunteer at the school, coach soccer and make financial contributions to our children’s school because we care about spending time with our children and taking care of the institutions that are making a difference in their lives.

– Give back by doing what you love. From charity golf tournaments to giving complimentary styling services to charity fashion shows, we do what we love and give back in the process. You don’t have to go beyond your means or outside your comfort zone. Figure out how your products or services can be used for the betterment of others.

– Start small. The biggest mistake business owners can make when committing to give back is overcommitting. Start small with something truly achievable. Maybe it’s just one good deed in the next year. Once you feel the satisfaction of giving back, you’ll start to make it a priority. If you overdue it right away, you’ll spread yourself too thin and find it overwhelming. Pick one good deed and give yourself a realistic timeline to accomplish it. We challenge you.

– Get your team members involved.  You alone may not be able to raise much money for a charity walk, for example, but get your team together and you’re suddenly making a big difference through their friends and extended networks. Added benefit: team bonding.

What’s going to be your good deed this next year?

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