Making The Cut

By Scott and Jennifer Fontana

Making The Cut

Making the Cut: Do You Stand Out?

As business owners, we know that clients have a lot of options when it comes to choosing their preferred products or services. Standing out among the sea of competitors can be challenging, but it’s one of your most important tasks. There are always the in-your-face tactics, like painting your building a bright color to literally stand out. However, there are also other ways to ensure your business is memorable and the first choice for consumers, even when that bright paint fades.

–          Identify –and communicate – what makes you different. No matter how obvious it sounds now, businesses often forget to capitalize on their competitive advantages. This could be a specific product, service or special offering. It could even be something interesting about your team; for example, a business that is run by all females could be an interesting element to promote. Something about your business is different than the rest, so identify it and communicate it. At Cristophe Salon Newport Beach, we pride ourselves on a five-star client experience that begins with every new client who is not already referred to a specific colorist or stylist to meet with Scott for a personal one-on-one consultation. Scott is able to help every client identify the best look for him or her, based on face shape, skin tone, lifestyle, and more. From there, Scott refers the new client to the expert colorist and stylist that best matches their needs and personality. This helps every client feel at home and valued from the minute they walk through the door.

 -          Have a voice. A business is more memorable when it has a distinct personality and voice. Personality can be built on a vision statement or core values and it should be carried throughout your store and online. Your business’ appearance online and in-store should align with you and your employees. For us, a chic, clean, personalized, client-centric beauty destination is what we’re all about. Our salon features crisp whites, simple and clean décor elements, and a staff of professional, well put-together experts who exude knowledge, confidence and a genuine care for our clients. Our website, www.cristophenb.com, mirrors that same chic, clean design, with profiles of our expert team members to continue our commitment to a personal approach.  Likewise, our social networks offer that same chic appeal – we continuously post pictures, events, industry news, beauty tips and more, and allow clients to check in on Facebook. This makes our salon, our website, and our social networks a beauty destination for the Orange County community. How do your business and website align? Are you communicating who you are, what you do, and your brand voice?

 -          Broaden your horizons: The more services you offer, the more clients your business will be able to attract. That doesn’t mean going outside what you know, but it does mean tapping into all of your areas of expertise to identify holistic solutions that best serve your clients. Instead of limiting ourselves to just color, cut and style services at Cristophe Salon Newport Beach, we are a comprehensive beauty destination. That means that we also offer an array of makeup and nail services, alongside premium salon products, some of which are available exclusively at our salon.  This allows our clients to come to one place for all of their beauty needs, and trust that they are in good hands using services and purchasing products available at our salon.

 -          Focus on the client first. Like many businesses, ours was founded on the relationships formed between our clients and team members. A strong relationship with clients is what makes any business thrive. Upon meeting potential clients, make sure your team members are approachable, friendly and communicative. Like any relationship, it takes work to build trust and to connect with clients. At Cristophe Salon Newport Beach, we value our clients and always work to put their needs first so they have an exceptional experience every time and never feel a need to look elsewhere for beauty services. Customer service and relationships are simply a vital part to standing out.

How do you make your business stand out? Share your best practices below.


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