Making The Cut

By Scott and Jennifer Fontana

Making The Cut

Making the Cut: Avoid the Rainy Day Kinks

As the rainy season is approaching, many of us would like nothing better than to curl up on our couch with a good book, a cup of tea, and our favorite pair of sweats.  But that isn’t always a possibility when we have a business.  So we push through until our day off when we can take advantage of our down time.  But what about when your team members start to lose their motivation, drive, or passion? How do we reignite their drive and motivate them to continue doing a great job?

In previous blogs we talk about ideas and steps to keep your employees motivated and successful, but now we want to give you specific examples of how the most successful of brands are making the cut with a motivated team.

– Title upgrades: to show appreciation for her five employees, Elise Lelon, owner of The You Business LLC, a leadership-consulting firm in New York, upgraded their job titles. She recognizes that it doesn’t cost the employer money and it makes employees feel good. Lelon found that her team members valued senior titles like “director” and “manager” because these can make their résumés more robust. You’ve got to think outside the moneybox when it comes to motivating your employees in this economic environment.

- Incentive-based compensation: Create a bonus-incentive program tied to the amount of revenue your employees generate for your business. It gets their juices flowing and it helps the business grow. Today, it’s all about switching fixed costs to variable costs whenever possible.

- One-on-one meetings: Christopher Mills, co-owner of Prime Debt Services, a debt-management firm in Dallas, took another approach. He began meeting privately with his 14 employees once a week to let them vent, share ideas or just shoot the breeze. He found that the more he listened, the better they pepped up. You know how many ideas you have to grow and improve your business; imagine how many more your team will bring to the table.

- Feed the team: cater office breakfasts and lunches every so often to encourage brainstorming, networking, and a chance to take a break and catch up.

– Share your vision: We’ve talked extensively about vision in our Making the Cut blog, but if your team doesn’t know your vision, they don’t know what they’re working toward and they don’t know how all of their hard work makes a difference. Give your team direction and goals and a vision, and watch them blossom personally and professionally.

What motivational tactics do you use in your business to motivate and retain your employees?

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