Making The Cut

By Scott and Jennifer Fontana

Making The Cut

Making the Cut: Appreciation

We all seem to be moving at the speed of light. Between our families, businesses and extracurricular commitments, there’s rarely a moment of silence to just breathe and say ‘thanks.’  While we’ve written about balance in the past, we would be remiss not to write about appreciation for all we have and for all we’ve created.

Years ago, we decided what we wanted in our lives; we had a vision. We wanted a strong marriage, four healthy and confident children, a successful salon business, our health, time to give back and a fulfilling life. We created it first in our minds then made decisions each day that led us to achieve our goals. The key here is that we made choices. We chose this life and, because of that, we profoundly appreciate all that we have surrounded ourselves with.

How did we do it? It started with a vision. We talk at length about vision and that’s because it’s the most important step in anyone’s life. You have to know where you want to go before you take the first step. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself walking in circles with no clear direction or purpose.

How do we show our appreciation? Below are just a few ways we do it every day.

Give Back. When we’re not in the salon serving clients and running the business, we can be found volunteering at our children’s school, participating in charity golf tournaments, and donating our time and resources to charity fashion shows and events, including the Ronald McDonald House High Tea and Fashion Show and the CHOC Glass Slipper gala.  Our motivation to give back has become so strong over the years that we have just formed our first foundation, Yachts for Tots, a nonprofit dedicated to introducing underprivileged and at-risk youth to the majesty of Newport Harbor through fishing, surfing, boating and more.

Empower Others. We are committed to regular professional development and education for our team. This empowers them to grow professionally, perform better at their jobs and further their confidence in themselves. It also shows appreciation for our clients because we’re able to serve a better ‘product’ when our team is constantly engaged and performing at a higher level. By fostering an environment of professional development, our team is able to get out and pay it forward just as we have, by styling for charity fashion shows and volunteering their time and resources to benefit local nonprofits.

Keep Going. We appreciate all that we have created so much that we want to find ways to do and give more. One example of this is the live hair show we’re hosting in one month to name “OC’s Best Stylist 2013.” We’re bringing the industry together to recognize the amazing talent we have here in Orange County.

Entrepreneurship has been so good to us and the best way we know to show our appreciation is to pay it forward, whether donating to charity, empowering others or finding ways to do more to advance our industry.

How often do you step back and appreciate all you’ve surrounded yourself with? On that same vein, how do you show your appreciation? Leave us a comment below.

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