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By Brad Davidson

The Fit Executive

Macronutrient Timing for Higher Energy Levels

Do you want to have higher energy levels and better brain function throughout the day? Get your macronutrient timing (when and what you eat) down and you’ll feel and see the effects it has.

Through the use of macronutrient timing, we are able to get our clients to perform better, sleep more soundly, and even train harder. Another one of the key benefits of this type of nutrition program is that it actually stabilizes your blood sugar which is the foundation reaping the benefits of MT. Basically what I’m telling you is, you gotta EARN your carbs.

Without any type of physical activity and the ingestion of carbohydrates the likeliness of  you getting fat is…well, it’s really high. That being said, we arrive at one of the largest misconceptions in the “diet” world. Eating carbs first thing in the morning. Lets say a big bowl of oatmeal with some bananas on it is a great way to start your day, right?  Yeah, if your day ends two hours after you ate that oatmeal and bananas because you are going to want to go right back to bed. Why you ask? Because your insulin just spiked and crashed before you even got to your second cup of joe and dare I say it, you’re toast.

The way we have our clients start their day and wake those sleepy brains is with some good fats and protein. This not only helps fuel the brain for the day, but also will stabilize your blood sugar at the same time and you’ll be setting your self up for the rest of the day.

From there, we keep it pretty simple with a paleo style lunch of protein and vegetables which will keep your blood sugar stable and brain active. Come dinner time, assuming you’ve had your workout by now it’s time to help your body calm down with some carbs.

Because of the fact your insulin goes up when you consume carbohydrates and will crash back down shortly after having them with dinner is a perfect way to end your day, not how to begin it.

All of this being said, we’re not the carb police over here, but have found that if you time them appropriately, they’re your best friend. Get it wrong though and you’ll wish you had another month to get ready for summer.

Macronutrient Timing Video.

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