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Love On The Mind

Don’t tell Magdy’s ex-wife that he just got married. She thinks he’s in another country.  He’s not.  He’s standing outside his  convenience store wondering if the kids inside are going to steal or pay.  That happens when you are a small business owner.  Suddenly you become sales, accountant and security.

Not that you asked but those kids look super guilty to me.

It wasn’t that Magdy wanted to lie but it was the only way he could get his ex to sign very worn divorce papers that had been waiting for someone to do something for years.  Love does that sometimes.  It either freezes us in inaction or makes us say we fled to Turkey.

Fled to Turkey.  If I had a dollar for every…

He had to push his ex to sign the papers because there was a rather insistent (read: young) fiancé that wanted to be more than a fiancé.  She wanted to be Magdy’s wife.  So, he went to his ex and firmly said the papers need to be signed because, “don’t think I’m going to fly back from Turkey and do them later!” 

Magdy has been waiting for love.  We used to sit outside his tiny convenience store late in the evening. You know the time of night when all the people are inside the movie and the only ones walking around are mall employees? I like that time.  Magdy would find a table close to his store to keep an eye out for that one late night customer needing mints before a big kiss.  He would pull out a chair for me and then rush inside to get a bottle of Pepsi for him and a can of Diet Coke for me.  We would not talk about the store tonight, or his dreams to open a much larger location.  Instead, he had love on the mind.  It seems there was one woman that took his breath away.  He would talk about her and get that far off look then turning to me say, “You know, I drive and imagine her in the seat next to me and still talk to her.”

That’s love.  I don’t know if he was talking about his ex-wife or some woman at some moment in some time of his life.  I do hope that this new rather young (read: nineteen year old) bride is someone that sits in a seat next to dear Magdy and wants nothing more than to talk to him.

Magdy just moved into his new location. He asked me what items he should stock and all I could come up with was Hershey’s Kisses and Diet Coke.  I mean, what else does a person really need?  He keeps those ready for me each time I stop by.  Neither of us tells anyone that I pay, tuck them into my purse and sneak off to the movie with my contraband.

If Magdy won’t tell on me then I certainly won’t tell his ex-wife about his new love.  And God help anyone that tells her she’s nineteen. 

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