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By Russell Williams

Ethical Edge

Lead with Love

The Ethical Edge
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Lead with Love


CEO, Qualis International, Inc.

“Love in organizations, then, is the most potent source of power
we have available.”
Margaret Wheatley

A few years after starting my company, I was in Mumbai, India and visited a three story home where Mahatma Gandhi lived for fourteen years.  It is now a museum with interesting artifacts from important times in his life.  As I was leaving, I noticed an old recipe card tacked on the wall, handwritten by Gandhi, with these great words……Be Truthful, Be Gentle, Be Fearless!  When I applied these words to the business world, being fearless in certain situations was the most difficult for me!

I recall one male buyer in particular, from a major retail chain, who was so demanding to work with that I thought I would have to give up the account!  He loved to scream, yell, and always attempted to intimidate me during our meetings. Yet, he actually turned out to be the person who moved me to explore life’s major lesson…leading with love…fearlessly!

At the time I was a member of The World Business Academy, where CEO’s gather and support each other to grow in wisdom…and wisdom is different than knowledge!  Business is nothing more than a series of relationships, and I decided that within me was the power to transform every relationship I had, by learning how to lead with love.  We can become aware that beneath the surface crust of consciousness, we can see the authentic person! We can then respond with kindness, compassion and radical empathy!  People do business with people they like; and when there is space for more heart by placing the human spirit in the equation, the results are very rewarding, productive, and profitable!

In this unfolding 21st century I do believe it is time for women to come into full partnership with men. A conscious sharing of life with others is discovered as we make decisions with the nobility of aligned interests where everyone is nurtured!  The canvas for this exploration is society itself to be encountered as we honor diversity.

A major part of everyone’s life path is to learn how to be more loving.  It allows us to unlock the potential we are all holding, and it is critical to the unfolding of our own truth!

“Love doesn’t  just sit like a stone; it has to be made like bread,
remade all the time, made new to us.”
Ursula Le Guin

This week’s article was contributed by Kathy Gardarian.





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