Branding Matters

By Tanya Salcido

Branding Matters

Last Minute Holiday Marketing Tips


MarketingHere are a few last minute marketing tips during the holidays. Some may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised at how many business owners overlook the following ideas.


1. Thank your Clients and Customers

Always show your gratitude to your current customers for their business. You might be surprised at how few business owners actually take the time to do this.


2. Provide e-Gift Certificates

Many businesses have gift certificates available this holiday season.  Creating an e-mail version of the certificate with a unique redemption code will allow buyers to shop right up until gift giving time. This can also be easily be added to a Facebook business page (and other social networks) or your website.


3. Don’t Forget to use Email – Properly

Keep the e-mail short, sweet and with direct links to your promotional offers rather than the home page. It’s makes the process easier for your customers. Also, be festive in your design — It is the holidays after all!


4. Personalize Advertising to Reflect the Holiday Season

This helps customers realize that the holidays are meaningful to a small business and this might influence their decision to visit a particular establishment in order to spend money on gifts.


5. Social Network with a Holiday Flare

If you’re on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, or any other social networking website, be sure to add a holiday touch to your pages. This could be done in a variety of ways from adding certain holiday-related pictures and/or announcing your holiday promotions. Find subtle ways to turn your social networking into a social network page with a touch of holiday marketing. There is still time!

6. Get Ready for the Resolution Crowd

Immediately following the holidays, the New Year’s resolution season kicks in. If you are a B2B service provider, there are companies that are still planning their marketing/business strategies for 2012 — they may need you. People and businesses are looking to the beginning of the year as a great time to make big changes in their lives.  Don’t wait until the holiday season is over to start marketing your brand.


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