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“Don’t get your Dauber down.”

Cecil Miller

I met Cecil Miller in 1959. As PE instructor and coach at Cherry Park Grade School in Portland, Coach Miller was my mentor in the 6th- 8th grades. He used athletics to teach life lessons and build character. He was the first person in my life to point out that only perfect practice leads to perfect execution. He was talking about life’s habits.

Coach Miller believed success required attention to detail.  On one occasion  during track season, Coach pointed out that my toes had to be pointed directly at the finish line for maximum speed. His advice helped me gain over an inch per stride. The Life Lesson?  Any action not aligned with the goal is a deterrent.

By encouraging me to make my teammates better, Coach taught another Life Lesson: Praise in public; criticize (constructively) only in private. Then Coach would often add, “You know, you can apply this stuff in the classroom.”

Coach Miller’s Life Lessons were endless. But since you, my reader are pursuing your influence for good using a Ph D in emotional intelligence, let me describe how Coach Miller demonstrated the power of positive influence.

I believe he helped Nolan Ryan throw his 7th No-Hitter even though the two of them never met!  When I asked my grade school friend, Tom House, how influential Coach Miller had been in his life, Tom said Coach had affected every positive action in his life. Wow!

By the 1990’s Tom had become the preeminent coach and mentor for Major League Baseball pitchers. After Nolan Ryan pitched his 7th No-Hitter at age 42, he told Sports Illustrated that Tom had added 7 years to his career. Since Coach Miller had influenced everything in Tom House’s life, we might conclude that Coach Miller helped Nolan Ryan pitch that last no-hitter!  It’s important to note that both Tom and Nolan have used their fame to be influencers for good throughout their lives.

Recently, I learned that Tom House and Russell Williams were Fraternity Brothers at USC. Should we connect some dots between Russell Williams and Cecil Miller?  I’ll let my reader ponder that one!

To thousands of kids over the years of his professional life, Coach Cecil Miller said “Don’t get your Dauber down; See you tomorrow!”  No one I knew could ever tell me definitively what a Dauber is. But, for me, it came to mean optimism.  And, See you tomorrow… focus on tomorrow with optimism!

Keep your Dauber up!  Thanks Coach Miller.

Cam Sinclair can be contacted at cameronsinclair@reagan.com

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