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By Russell Williams

Ethical Edge

Just Do Good: Choosing a Life of Purpose & Mission

The Ethical Edge
The Art of Integrity
JUST DO GOOD: Choosing A Life of Purpose & Mission

President & CEO
Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce  

“Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do Good to all people…”
Galatians 6:10

Renowned author, Peter Drucker, stated “We are over prepared for Life 1 and under prepared for Life 2:  University for Life 1 but not University for Life 2.”

Ten-plus years ago I was at a place in my life where I think many of us experience at some point…asking two key questions: What am I good at? What is my purpose? Prior to that time life was moving along without real focus. I was just doing. Drucker’s words challenge us to consider what we are passionate about and what talents and gifts we have to serve others.  It was at this point I began a journey that has brought clarity based on my personal purpose and mission that now keeps me focused on what is important.

In my journey three people have contributed to help me shape a personalized purpose/mission focused on a daily life-endeavor to be a person motivated to encourage others by doing Good wherever possible.

My beautiful and insightful wife, Sherri Elliott, tops my list of contributors in sharing life with me as my best friend and confidant. She impressed upon me, Live For Today way back in our pre-marriage dating times.  That message continues to grow today as we live a life of precious moments with family, friends and colleagues to express a story simply called…Just Do Good.

Greg Arbues, friend and colleague, challenged me and helped give clarity to develop my personal Mission Statement.  I now understand each of us can benefit greatly by crafting our own personal statement to provide us with a True North compass to help us move to become the person we want to be.

The final contributor, Lloyd Reeb, National spokesperson for Halftime has had a profound impact on this life mission of Just Do Good.  Lloyd has challenged me to be to Be Available to follow my mission as God gives opportunity.

Three contributors and three contributions: Live For Today; craft your Mission Statement; Be Available…daily now shape my calling: “Serving God as a Difference Maker and Catalyst by Building Relationships, Connecting people being an Influence for Good”

Whatever it is for you…be who you are called to be and live each day fully just doing good.

Blessings on your life journey.


Dave can be contacted at delliott@santaanachamber.com


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