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By Jim Ward

New Directions
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IQ vs. EQ?

My lack of education hasn’t hurt me at all. I can read the writing on the wall.”  Paul Simon

We all know organizations want to hire smart people, but being smart is not only about IQ. Daniel Goleman’s groundbreaking book, Emotional Intelligence, suggests there is a different way of being smart. Often overlooked in the hiring process is the importance of Emotional Intelligence, EQ. Having a high EQ quotient is an important compentency in the mix of predicting personal success or failure. What exactly is EQ? In simple terms, it’s all about how well we handle ourselves and others, or being socially aware. To be socially aware begins with self-awareness, as Socrates once said, “Know thyself”.  Social awareness involves sensing, understanding and responding to the emotions of others. From my 30 years of corporate experience, EQ plays a significant role in getting hired, staying hired and ultimately excelling on the job. First, to get hired you must have the requisite experience and skills. Employers want to hire individuals who are smart and articulate. To stay hired requires social competence, or social intelligence. Knowing how to work with others and more importantly, knowing how to get things done through others requires social intelligence. Finally, regardless of whatever field you choose to work in, to progress to more senior roles of responsibility, requires a high degree of EQ. The ability to deal with ambiguity and uncertainty is part of one’s EQ. Also, the ability to remain calm and objective despite challenging conditions. This is what EQ is all about.

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