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New Directions
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“What’s on the Inside, is on the Outside” (Keb Mo)

One of my favorite singer songwriters is Keb Mo. As a fan of music, I’m always inspired by his powerful lyrics. His song Inside Outside has some interesting implications for us as professionals. The theme of his song is that as we exist on the inside, we are just that on the outside. Another way to think about it, our thoughts on the inside can influence how we interact with others, e.g. boss, peers, clients, customers,etc. Negative thoughts, angry thoughts yield bad results. At times the ordinary difficulties of life in general are stressful. A slight shift in perspective can be the best thing for us to get out of a rut. Mental frames are powerful and influence behavior. If you find yourself thinking negatively about your specific situation, perhaps its time to change your mental frame. Someone once told me they hated their job so much, they would recite to themselves every night before falling asleep, “at least when I sleep, the pain will go away”. That is a negative frame. Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote a book titled, Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life. The book is about using the wisdom of Tao Te Ching, the Chinese philosopher, to help shape our thoughts about life’s difficulties. Check it out; it’s a good read.

Managing a career, holding down a non-inspiring job, dealing with a difficult boss, all of these things can be particularly challenging for all of us. We do create our own reality by how we think about a given situation. Maybe its time to think differently.

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